Personal and Wardrobe styling

Whether you are interested in fashion or not, have you at some point wondered if you could be better-dressed or that if you need to find a style that reflects your personality, your lifestyle and what gives you confidence? Do you need help in making decisions about styles, colors and brands to wear? Does clothes shopping seem like a chore? Do you often feel frustrated trying on clothes in the dressing room?

Tamara Inspired will assist you in making the most out of your existing pieces by editing your closet and helping you in better mixing, matching and accessorizing. We can also teach you about your body type and what clothing styles and cuts are best suited to your figure.

We at Tamara- Inspired will go through every piece of clothing in your closet and help you choose what to keep, alter, donate or sell. We will help you style and pair your clothes in fun, new and innovative ways and be your personal shopper to help you buy what compliments your existing wardrobe.

At Tamara-Inspired, we will teach you how to become your own stylist and make you feel inspired, excited, and confident about your look and wardrobe.

Passion and style

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